Radical Existence in Times of Atrocities:
Strategies to reclaim, affirm, and embrace our humanity

Adames & Chavez-Dueñas are lead authors on a Psychology Today Op-ed published with colleagues from the Psychology of Radical Healing Collective.

How to Raise a Proud Afro-Latino Kid

Adames is interviewed by Parents Latina Magazine where he discusses the importance of racial socialization in Latinx children and youth of African descent.

Psychological Resources in the Latinx Struggle Against Systemic Oppression

Chavez-Dueñas and Adames describe the current turbulent times immigrants are experiencing in this Op-ed published in Truth-Out. They also speak on the strengths of the Latinx community.

Science says you’re probably a racist. Now what?

Chavez-Dueñas and Adames are interviewed by QUARTZ Magazine about science, bias, and racism.

Building Trust with Communities of Color

Chavez-Dueñas and Adames provide strategies for engaging Communities of Color in local health initiatives in their article published in the Standford Social Innovation Review.

Targeted: Surviving Social Media Attacks

Adames and Chavez-Dueñas along with their colleague Kenneth S. Pope suggest some helpful steps in this Inside HigherEd Op-ed.